Inspiring places, la cité du vin (Bordeaux)

My relationship with Bordeaux started in 2015, and each time the experience was a great one. The city, the people, the food, it’s always a pleasure to be back in the city, especially when I know I will fantastic performers to work with. There are dozens of fantastic places I would love to use for my work but I’ve managed to access only a few of them so far. Darwin, la Base sous-marine, le Palais Gallien were some of the first places I had the joy to work in. Every time I return to a city I try to find new locations for my work. And my goal is to always surprise myself the artists I work with and the people that follow my work.

La cité du vin is one of these places I never thought I would ever gain access to. The uniqueness of its architecture alone is worth a visit. My philosophy is: “if you never ask you will never know…” A few emails and calls later I was inside the museum creating with Soloist of the Ballet de Bordeaux Vanessa Feuillatte and multi-talented dancer Allegra Bird.

I had a specific idea of what I wanted to do inside. At least one picture would fit in my series with flying fabrics. I don’t often have the luxury to take my time on a specific picture but this time we had to so we made sure we had enough to make exactly what we wanted. I was accompanied by Coralie and Damien that morning, because how can I create these images without the perfect team? Choosing the right pose took a bit of time, we rehearsed a bit and of course, it took us some time to nail the pose and the right shape with the fabric. After a few fails, here are the 2 shots we managed to pull out that morning.

The 2nd day, I met a long time friend, one of the first performers I worked with in Bordeaux. Deborah aka Allegra Bird is always open to new ideas and has always trusted me in the past. So it was a no-brainer, I had to invite her to this unique session. We had a list of a variety of shot we wanted to make, and a little more time that morning. I’ve got to admit that shes were particularly efficient that day. Again we had a little bit of help for a few shots. Injy Pina, was also there that morning and Maxime C. who was responsible for our presence in the building gave us a hand for a few shots too.

Like always, we could have done more! How can you not be inspired in such a place?

It will be hard to top this one off, but this what makes my job exciting. This journey is just starting, can’t wait for the next one.

Huge thanks to La cité du vin for welcoming us, Thank you Maxime for trusting us. Huge props to the incredible Vanessa Feuillatte and Allegra Bird.

Inspiring places, la cité du vin (Bordeaux)hazekware

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  1. You used to post on a regular basis which you no longer do which leads me to ask if this Blog is dead ? If so, too bad because it was a good Blog.

    • Hi there, the Blog is not dead, and thanks for asking, I was gone for a while for personal reasons and couldn’t find the time to share interesting content here and on my YouTube channel but… Things will change in a near future, I should be back in a week or so… Stay tuned!

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