My name is Haze, and I’m a French photographer currently based in the southwest of France and originally from Strasbourg. Younger, I didn’t have any plans. I studied music and attended several schools and even went to the conservatory to learn about what I thought would be my future: being a professional Jazz Pianist. But after leaving Strasbourg for 6 long years of study in  Paris, I took the painful decision to give up on music in 2009. Lack of maturity? Fear of the unknown? My love for music still remains but building a career as a musician was not for me.

I spent two more years wandering, ignoring what my next step would be… I began investing myself in an association, that organized cultural events in my hometown and we needed images to promote our events. So my girlfriend and I decided to buy my first DSLR in 2010 and started filming our events for our web communication. People asked me later on if I was doing it for a living and the next thing I knew, I was creating images for others. That’s when I seriously considered becoming a professional videographer.

I was introduced to hip-hop by my girlfriend in 2011. I always loved watching battles but never attended such events before that year. With her help, I created Blackdough and we both started covering events and made photo reports for several European and International events. Photography quickly took over video, and I began diversifying my work. I came back to music, but this time as a photographer! I believe my musical background gave me that little something, an eye that made my pictures stand out.

I decided to create Hk Visuals in 2013. Even though I loved attending hip-hop dance events It was frustrating for me. I wanted to photograph these amazing performers offstage, outside the circle… At the end of 2013, I finally took the step and started working with local dancers and companies. As the projects got bigger, I began meeting amazing artists along my journey all across Europe. 

During 5 years I failed a lot, experimented with weird but fun ideas, but above all, I learned and honed my craft in the field, working first with dancers and then circus artists and athletes. Capturing them in empty urban settings, unusual places, monuments, places where we would not expect them to be. I love playing with light, lines, and shapes, I am inspired by the old and new, by simple and complex designs and architectures.

I’ve met so many incredibly talented souls so far, from amateurs to world champions and international performers. Today, I can say that my experience lets me capture the best out of anyone. On my own or with a team, I love the challenge of making the ordinary extraordinary. We are all so caught up in our lives and things move and evolve so fast. We often miss the beauty of the world around us as we pass near it every day. Beauty can be found everywhere and it is sometimes right before our eyes. I spend my time witnessing this beauty and capturing it one frame at a time.

Things are only getting started…

Haze Kware


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