My name is Tiana aka Haze Kware, and I’m a French photographer and filmmaker currently based in the southwest of France and originally from Strasbourg. I am best known for my elegant dance and circus portraits but I’ve been exploring more and more fashion-inspired intimate portraits from everyday people to athletes.

Now my style blends editorial, fashion, and fine art with a distinctive dramatic lighting approach. At a quick glance, you will probably notice my love for environmental portraits in my work. I can’t lie, although I love shooting inside a studio, I prefer shooting in or outside of unconventional locations with character.

I specialized in photographing athletes, dancers, and all kinds of performers for the past 9 years working with international world-class artists and world champions. But I’ve decided in recent years to use this experience to also photograph everyday people like you and me and offer a unique experience where anyone can be in the spotlight.

Photography for me is celebrating the human being and the world surrounding him, celebrating our true self, our past, present, and future. My goal is to capture stories and emotions the best way I can and create a legacy that will be passed on through generations.

Are you ready to be photographed?

Haze Kware