Back in Bordeaux – BTS photoshoot (part1) / Vlog 15

It’s always a pleasure to be back in Bordeaux… It’s a beautiful city and for a photographer it’s hard not to fall in love with the city’s architecture and scenery. The other wonderful thing is that there are a lot of talented artists living there.

This was my 3rd time there and with Marlène our 2nd. We were in town only for a few days but we managed to set up 5 different photo shoots.

Our adventures there was supposed to fit in a single video, but with the amount of footage I had, I finally decided to split it in 2. Down below is part 1 and we are taking you guys on 2 pole dance photo shoots in a place you might recognize… The Darwin eco système! We already worked there a year ago and decided to go back with a few new ideas in mind.

We then went to la Dune du Pilat for our very first acrobatic gymnastics photo shoot! I was really excited to meet Léa and Laure and hope this will lead to other future collaborations. A fun day… yes almost an entire day spent together, because the weather was quite awful. Don’t get fooled by the images in the video, these were captured during the few times the rain stopped pouring.

Special thanks to the people at the Darwin éco-système for welcoming us twice! Huge thanks to the Performers, Injy Pina, Allegra Bird, Yvonne Smink, Léa Roussel, and Laura Viaud.

Part 2 is coming soon, stay tuned!

Back in Bordeaux - BTS photoshoot (part1) / Vlog 15hazekware

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