Back in September – Paris & Montpellier BTS photoshoot / VLOG 13

These are the last episodes of the Vlog… If you missed my latest video you might not understand why I am writing this… So just in case, watch episode #12 ! Paris was first erased of our roadmap… We were not supposed to, but we changed our initial decision. Four cancelations and an aborted photo shoot inside le parc de la villette made me regret that decision. These are the only pictures we managed to keep :

Momo & Jade Fitzeroy / Parc de lavillette


This year I will try to seek the positive in every situation. Fortunately for us we got to meet a wonderful artist during our last day in the frenchcapital… Miss Helena Moon:

I had to go back to Strasbourg for my first exhibition. This maybe old news for you as I have already shared a few images of this event in a previous vlog ( My first exhibition Vlog#7 ) . I couldn’t not miss the opportunity to see my work in huge prints! This was a unique experience and I really hope I will be able to make a sequel  soon.

With just enough time to celebrate this premier with friends and family, me and Marlène headed back to Montpellier to pursue our roadtrip. Once there, we had a rendez-vous with familiar artist… Ex Gymnast, Ambre Chaboud: 

The Vlog will end with episode 16… We will still share an episode once a week until this final episode. I hope I will be able to give you more information on our upcoming projects in 2017! Until then, since this our first post of 2017… Happy new year (again ! ), may all the goals that you have set for yourself in the near future attain success in the upcoming year itself. 

Back in September - Paris & Montpellier BTS photoshoot / VLOG 13hazekware

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