Fineart Boudoir Behind the scenes photoshoot feat. Emma Hafsi

I’ve shared an image or 2 from this boudoir session already in my Aputure 300X review part I. I realized just recently, that I had the complete session on video. So here it is, with of course a few words on how we made these images!

Boudoir, and Nude art, 2 genres that I stayed away from for a couple of years, and embraced fully only recently. I guess I wasn’t capable of driving such a session when I started, and it took me some time to gain confidence, and gain enough knowledge technically to create something that pleased me.

I still have that approach where lines curves and shapes are important to me, and where shadows are going to guide the way I pose my models and vice versa. This session is another one you can easily replicate in any space because it doesn’t require much. 2 lights, 2 Aputure LS300X, with the Aputure light dome 2 and Lantern 90.

I did play with color temperatures, adding a bit of warmth in my images and sometimes color separation. The lantern 90 is great for overhead light or for a fill light. I usually used the light dome II as my main light, because with the added grid I have the option to have a more directional light.

For the fake window light effect or the round-shaped light for the last shot, I used the Pixapro Optical snoot. I am using a hand-painted backdrop by Gravity backdrops, and I am shooting with the Fujifilm GFX100S like I often do now and only used one lens, the GF50mm lens. 

For this kind of session, I believe one of the most important things to do is make sure your model is at ease and feels comfortable in the space you are working in. I always discuss the session upfront, give examples of the type of images I want to create, and often ask the model if she feels comfortable with the ideas I propose. We know before the shoot the outfits we will use. This leaves no room for surprises during the session, which usually helps the model feel at ease. 

If at any time the model is tensed or doesn’t feel like pursuing the session you have to let the camera down and figure out how you can solve the problem. Remember that they are in a vulnerable position, so their well-being is very important for the success of the shoot. But this should be obvious if you are a decent human being!

Fineart Boudoir Behind the scenes photoshoot feat. Emma Hafsihazekware

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