Melissa Chapski and Theo Duff Grant – Amsterdam, the final sessions

A short, too short experience to my taste… I always wanted to visit Amsterdam, know more about the Netherlands because all I knew about this country was the city of Heerlen. Why you’d ask? Because of the Hip Hop festival IBE, an amazing international Hip Hop dance festival that my partner and I covered 3 years in a row.

But this belongs to the past, the trajectory of my photography career has changed and I wanted to visit Amsterdam as a tourist and as a photographer with my current projects. At last, it happened last summer! During this long weekend, I managed to organize a couple photoshoots. One with ballerina Anna Ol near the Eye museum, another one on top of the Amsterdam Hôtel with Tatjana Van Onna and finally a 3rd photo shoot with 2 young dancers from the HET national ballet around the NEMO museum. 

Far from the crowd looking for light

bts shot with Melissa and Theo with the empty bridge!

Improvised, a few hours before sunset in a really crowded neighborhood… the perfect ingredients for a fun shoot! Melissa Chapski joined Marlène and I in this fun game called “dodging the tourist”. A game I hate to play, that actually doesn’t exist but you get the idea. People don’t get it or don’t care whether you get the shot or not. Even if sometimes it takes them 30 seconds to wait, to help me have a clean shot. But Melissa was patient and new it was worth it. 

This meant less pictures, more down times but we didn’t have any other options. Theo Duff Grant then joined us later on just before the sunset for a few duo shots. Timing was tight but we had our shots! All the pictures were taken with the available natural light, with my Canon 5D mark III. I would lie if I told you I wasn’t missing my SirosL but hey, I discovered how much I loved just playing with my camera and my camera only. 

Melissa and Theo were amazing, I am blessed to work with professional, talented people. Should I do more Natural light pictures? You tell me.

Melissa Chapski and Theo Duff Grant - Amsterdam, the final sessionshazekware

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