My relationship with dance photography started in 2012. I love architecture, lines, and shapes, and I somehow found all of these things when creating dance portraits with ballet dancers. 

I have to admit that back then I was totally unaware of all the hard work and dedication that was necessary to carry a career. The hours of training at such a young age, pushing the body to its limits. I consider them athletes and artists at the same time. Beyond.the sacrifices, Injuries, failures, and doubts, we the public only remember the beauty and raw emotion on stage.

I’ve spent the past 8 years creating elegant dance portraits with a distinctive style that has matured through the years. Blending editorial, fashion, and fine art with a distinctive dramatic lighting approach. Highlighting the dancer’s features and staging them in unexpected places.

From action shots to stylized portraits, I capture their beauty and their accomplishment.

After a quick glance at my work, you might immediately notice my love for environmental portraits. I can’t lie, I prefer shooting in or outside of unconventional locations with character. This is what motivates me each time, this is what makes my work unique.

I celebrate dancers all across Europe and beyond, I capture stories and emotions, creating a legacy that will be passed on through generations. These are the reasons why I pick up a camera.

Whether you are a dance company, a dance studio, a brand, or a freelance dancer have no fear, with me, you will be in good hands… 

Let’s create your legacy…Book your session today!

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