Circus Arts / Pole Dance / Gymnastics

Whatever your adventure may be, whether you are a dancer, circus artist, performer, or sports athlete, you deserve to be remembered for the decades to come.

They are athletes! They sometimes have devoted their lives to their sport. Thousands of hours of training to elevate themselves to the next level. Doing their best to face injuries, failures, and doubts, competing against themselves for better chances of success. They reached out to me, and made theses sessions for them, to celebrate themselves. 

I am best known for my elegant dance and circus portraits but I’ve been exploring pole dance photography more and more the past few years. From action shots to stylized portraits, I have developed a unique style bringing high-end magazine editorial style images, with a distinctive dramatic lighting approach to any type of performer and of all levels.

After a quick look at my work, you will probably notice my love for environmental portraits. I can’t lie, I prefer shooting in or outside of unconventional locations with character. This is what makes my work unique, this is my thing!

Celebrating artists all across Europe and beyond, capturing stories and emotions the best way I can, and creating a legacy that will be passed on through generations are the reasons why I pick up a camera.

If you are a brand, a dance company, a studio, or a freelance artist have no fear, with me, you will be in good hands… Book your session today!

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