Creative & Conceptual (Dance)

Let’s face it, creative photoshoots are a way to have fun. Ideally, we want to make these images with no constraints and be free to create whatever we want. Of course, I still want to showcase the dancer’s talents in an eye-catching way. But these images have more power to them. They can boost the dancer’s confidence, reveal their personality, and highlight the qualities of their artistry that make them unique.

With the precious help of my team, we create a vision, one that can help a dancer build a career as a dance professional that can polish the image of a dance company. Creative photography sessions get you noticed, they will help you increase your followers, and help you gain more traction on social media. Our goal will be to help you move your career or company forward, showing the world your years of investment in hard work.

Dancers devote their life to there art, spend thousands of hours training to elevate themselves, and achieve their goals. Not many people fully realize how much they go through. Injuries, doubts, and failures.

I’ve spent the past 8 years creating elegant dance portraits with a distinctive style that has matured through the years. Blending editorial, fashion, and fine art with a distinctive dramatic lighting approach. Giving dancers the possibility to have a collection of unique images that will witness and celebrate them.

I create with artists and companies from all across Europe and beyond. 

Don’t overthink it, trust me you will be in good hands… Let me help you stand out, book your session today!

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