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This took some people off guard, but this has been a natural evolution for me. Exploring the human being and its physical abilities… From human to superhuman, at least that’s how I see it.

Of course, I am best known for my elegant dance and circus portraits but I’ve been exploring sports and athletes portraiture more and more in recent years. From action shots to stylized portraits, I have developed a unique style blending high-end magazine editorial style images, with a distinctive dramatic lighting approach.

After a quick look at my work, you will probably notice my love for environmental portraits. I can’t lie, I prefer shooting in or outside of unconventional locations with character. I don’t hate shooting inside a gym, but shooting in unexpected places is what makes my work unique.

I celebrate artists and Athletes all across Europe and beyond, I capture stories and emotions my way, creating a legacy that will be passed on through generations. These are the reasons why I pick up a camera.

Whether you are a competitor, a bow owner,  a gym, a brand, or a trainer have no fear, with me, you will be in good hands…

Book your session today, and let’s create your legacy!

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