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Whatever your adventure may be, wherever you currently are in life, you deserve to be remembered for the decades to come.

Because we are all beautiful and amazing. Because we are all worthy we deserve to be celebrated. Being able to make people feel pride, love, and joy with a photo is priceless. I cherish every moment that people give me to make incredible images of them. As a full-time photographer, I am fortunate enough to spend my days creating beauty. I am thankful to be able to create something that will change the way people see themselves.

You don’t have to be an athlete or a dancer to book a session with me… I always make sure that the women and men in front of my camera feel at ease. My team and I crafted a unique experience, one that will let me capture authentic portraits that will be loved.

I’ve spent the past 8 years creating stylized elegant portraits with a distinctive style that has matured through the years. A style that blends editorial, fashion, and fine art with a distinctive dramatic lighting approach.

After a quick look at my work, you will probably notice my love for environmental portraits. I can’t lie, I prefer shooting in or outside of unconventional locations with a bit of character. Creating in unexpected places is what makes my work unique.

I celebrate people all across Europe and beyond. I capture stories and emotions, creating a legacy that will be passed on through generations. These are the reasons why I pick up a camera.

Don’t overthink it, trust me you will be in good hands… Let’s celebrate you, let’s create together, book your session today!

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