Portraits II (Athletes)

I’ve admired Athletes for as long as I can remember. Probably because I envy their commitment and hard work. They sacrifice thousands of hours of their lives training to elevate themselves to the next level and achieve their goals. And like a lot of people, I used to not fully realize how much they would go through. Injuries, doubts, and failures a constant battle against themselves. Years of passion and hard sweat to be the best version of themselves.

Whatever the journey, whatever the goal, they deserve to be remembered, they deserved to be celebrated. 

I am best known for my elegant dance and circus portraits but I’ve been exploring sports and athletes portraiture more and more. From action shots to stylized portraits, I have developed a unique style blending high-end magazine editorial style images, with a distinctive dramatic lighting approach.

After a quick look at my work, you will probably notice my love for environmental portraits. I can’t lie, I prefer shooting in or outside of unconventional locations with character. I don’t hate shooting inside a gym, but shooting in unexpected places is what makes my work unique.

I celebrate artists and athletes all across Europe and beyond, I capture stories and emotions my way, creating a legacy that will hopefully be passed on through generations. These are the reasons why I pick up a camera.

Whether you are a sports team, a brand, a gym, a box or a trainer have no fear, with me, you will be in good hands.

Let me capture the beauty of you, your years of hard work… Book your session today!

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