Test, fail, learn, repeat!

This may be a follow up to my blog post about how you can learn new skills. No client this time, much more time to work than usual, exploring new ideas, using perspectives I am not used to, and on this particular session, mixing Ballet and Circus photography.

This is really really important guys, at least it is for me. I am always learning and I try to find some time for my self and my photography to do things I don’t have time to or cannot take the risk to do with regular clients.

To sum it up, this session was all about, testing, allowing myself to fail, to improve my skills, have fun, and why not create awesome images.

Canon France was kind enough to let me play with the 85m L 1.2 and 35mm L 1.4 alongside the 5D Mark IV for 2 weeks, so most of the shots you will see were made with these fantastic tools.

I also tried different light setups and even took a shot or 2 without my beloved Siros L.

I am a bit obsessed with deep shadows at the moment, squeezing my model in between 2 lights creates an interesting mood and atmosphere. 

So, what about you? Are you still learning, are you still challenging yourself? Let me know what drives you these days and how you keep your game fresh and up to date. 

Huge thanks to Canon France and Broncolor once again. Thank you, Josephine and the Studio L’envolée for letting us create these images in such a beautiful and handy location. 

Test, fail, learn, repeat!hazekware

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