The Fitness experience (part 2 !)

UPDATE !!! > Now available the Behind the scenes video <

Last year I had the chance to try a few different things and diversify my work. A short crossfit experience with fitness box Strasbourg with a huge souvenir outside their “box”. And of course my first attempts of a fitness photoshoot with fitness bikini athlete Priscilla del canto on an “off” season session outdoors. After that very first session, I knew that I wanted to meet her again during competition season, but this time indoors and with a more advanced lighting set up. Just as a reminder, here is our first collaboration : First fitness photoshoot.

Almost a year after we were back together for a photoshoot at Fitness box. Since I’ve worked before, there was no space left for bad surprises. We only had 2 hours to make a variety of shots at work, and we were only allowed to use a small portion of the “box” as they call it. I brought with me 2 SIROS L to help me shape the light a bit better, to make her stand out and help those muscles “pop” a bit more.


It was my first time using 2 SIROS L and I was a little bit stressed and afraid that it might take some times to set things up for each shots. I wasn’t alone for this session, my partner Marlène was there to speed things up, and she never used the SIROS before. Setting up the 2 strobes + a beautybox 65 and a 100×60 softbox took us less than 10 minutes for our 1st scene. After a couple of test shots, we were ready to work.


Here are 2 lighting setups to help you understand how I achieved that look:


lighting-diagram-Priscilla 1




lighting-diagram-Priscilla 2


Working with these independent strobes is really a plus. With the help of an assistant, we managed to wrap up this shoot in less than 2 hours without rushing. No cables in the way, and a system that even a 2 year old can use, what more can we ask ? Quality ? Judge by yourself, with the results down below. No heavy editing, constant high-quality light in each burst, It was my first time working with the 2… And I was really impressed… so far so good ! I didn’t use the Broncolor App this time but I will sure try it on my next session. We will then see how the SIROS behaves in the long run !

The Fitness experience (part 2 !)hazekware

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