Transient – Behind the scenes feat. Lady Bionic

Last summer, I released a dance video on my other channel. And I discovered recently I had behind the scenes footage that I might as well share instead of placing them in the bin. I am talking about Transient, a short dance video I filmed inside la Chapelle des Carmélites featuring, a local contemporary dancer named Emma aka Lady Bionic.

It is a low budget short piece, and what I mean by no budget, is that we literally had no budget. This is part of a series of videos I will produce in 2021 and 2022, for learning purposes, to test concepts and ideas, to test gear, and to improve my workflow. The idea for me is to be able to face any kind of situation by the end of 2022 and enter phase 2 of my plan. And that is all I can say about all this, you will have to be patient.

After a rough start last year because of COVID-19, I delayed everything for about a year and a half. Nut now I cannot wait any longer, so I decided to move forward whenever it was possible. For this one, we planned a half day rehearsal prior to shooting for blocking and beats. I feel it is important for her as a dancer to see and feel the space. She improvised a big part of her choreography, but I asked her to write some parts of it to ease the editing and transitions between specific scenes.

During preparation, I had a playlist of several songs that matched the mood I was going after. We ended up choosing “This means war” by Rhythm Scott for this piece.

A bit like our very first video together last year, I wanted to create something around the concept of ephemerality. The idea of a volatile moment, that we can hardly conceive. I wanted her to appear and disappear, leaving us wanting more.

Gear wise we have the GFX100s, the GF30mm, and the GF50mm. We are recording on the Atomos NINJA V in Prores 422 HQ and the entire film was almost made with the DJI RS2. We are using only 3 lights : The Forza 500 and a fresnel with barndoors, and 2 NANlite pavotube 30c. The Forza 500 and the fresnel barely moved, they were placed in an aisle 3 metres above the ground to light the Altar throughout the video. We then chose to light everything else with one or 2 pavotube led lights. The Pavotube led lights are light, easy to manipulate and still produce a soft light because of their size. So it was easy for us to move them around whenever we needed them. We lowered the blinds on all the windows to kill the ambient light but we still kept the main door opened to keep the same direction for our light throughout.

There was construction work going on outside which complicated our work. Sometimes we could barely hear ourselves talking, and the  Emma couldn’t hear the music from the speakers. For the final scene, we made her disappear with some easy masking. I advise you to watch the final video on Vimeo or directly here on the blog. I hope you enjoyed this little breakdown, tell me if you wish to see more of these in the comments below!




A Film crafted by Haze Kware
Assistant Director: Marlène Blackdough

Performance by “Lady Bionic” Emmanuelle Cathala

Music: Rhythm Scott

Additional sound editing: Darkloulou Beats

Filmed inside La Chapelle des Camélites

Special thanks to:

Isabel Birbes
Emmanuelle Rossignol
Nicolas Galiana
Belkacem Bouheraoua

…and The City of Toulouse

Transient - Behind the scenes feat. Lady Bionichazekware

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