What next?

2019 was a strange year professionally speaking. I spent the majority of my time asking myself where my business should go. And tried my best to broaden my clientele and gradually work a bit more in the commercial photography industry.

I learned so much this year, tried new genres and techniques, with Glamour and boudoir photography.

Challenge yourself – Boudoir/ Glamour photoshoot (Part I)

Challenge yourself – Boudoir/ Glamour photoshoot (Part II)

I left my flashes at home a bit more often.

Compose & Pose your models with Light & Shadows!

An athlete’s outdoor photoshoot behind the scenes

I made a bit more studio-like work recently too.

Photographers, Do we need our own studio? [Part I]

Photographers, Do we need our own studio [Part II]

I needed to do this year because a lot of people only know me as a dance photographer, and I discovered recently that I’ve missed opportunities and interesting projects because of that. They thought I would not be interested, or that maybe I wasn’t capable of directing a shoot with models that were not dancers.

So what I started in 2019 will continue in 2020. I will do my best to find the time to share this new chapter of my journey as a photographer with you. I will get out of my comfort zone, I will challenge myself with new projects, projects you wouldn’t expect me in. 2020 will be an exciting year. I just can’t wait to get things started.

By the way, I posted on Instagram my top 9… or should I say the 9 photos that you liked the most:


Like every year, I am always surprised by the pictures that got more “likes” on my Instagram. So I figured it would be nice to share my personal “top 9”. Not That I consider these images like the best ones of the past year… But they somehow have a special place in my heart. So here they are, in no particular order :

Julie Charlet – Château de la Reynerie (Toulouse)




Marina Kudryashova – Marché de Lerme (Bordeaux)



Florencia Chinellato – Musée des Augustins (Toulouse)



Laura Viaud – Académie des sciences et belles lettres (Bordeaux)



Olivia Lindon – Hôtel du Grand Opéra (Toulouse)



Jacqueline Bâby – Musée de Confluences (Lyon)



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Cyd Sailor – Theate de la Pergola (Bordeaux)



Hélène Bernadou – Château Pape Clément (Bordeaux)



I still got a few behind the scenes and images that were made last year that I haven’t shared yet, these are coming shortly. So, what are your plans for 2020? I am curious… whether you are a pro, semi-pro or just taking photos for fun, tell us in the comments below.

I would like to thank you all for your support! I know I am not a consistent YouTuber, but that’s the thing… I do not consider myself a YouTuber, I often prioritize Family and work, and whenever I can I am here! So your support means the world to me because it motivates me every time I come back to make some more. That’s how it works for me if you wish to see more videos, if you want me to improve the quality of this channel, you know what you gotta do! Subscribe to the channel, press the bell button to get notifications and leave me a comment.

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4 comments on "What next?"

  1. Haze, my husband is a voracious student of your photography. For 2020, is there any chance you’ll be doing a workshop, or something of that nature? I’d send my husband in a heartbeat as a surprise for him and he’d be in heaven learning from you and/or working beside you.

    I look forward to your response.

    • Hi! Thanks, for your message… So Happy your husband can learn from me. I do give workshops, but only in France right now! Where in the world are you? Subscribe to the newsletter to receive information about them. I hope we will get a chance to make this happen… best, Hk

  2. Hey, I’m a big fan of your work and I’m wondering – how do you make money/who are you selling to? The dancers and athletes themselves? Event organizers? Do you just sell prints of the pictures to magazines?


    • Hi, and thanks for your message! I am a commercial and advertising photographer, so I work for a wide variety of clients. I can be hired by festivals, dance companies, and brands… but also freelancers… I also do corporate stuff from time to time and propose when possible private portrait sessions.

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